Current Swell Coffee Brewery: Roast Revolution

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Kapitolyo has been on the map as a foodie destination for quite some time now. The sprouting of new restaurants here and there has been, for the most part, quite a boost of life for the area. While East and West Kapitolyo have been the main concentration, an old warehouse nearby has been converted into an indoor market for all things food, aptly named the Pioneer St. Market.  While food selections are a plenty, I’m on the lookout for coffee, and lo and behold, Current Swell Coffee Brewery greets me at the doors.

Chalkboard Menu = Always a Good Thing.

At the helm of the coffee at Current Swell is Miko Sarmiento, a fine gent who, along with his wife Angeli, are the couple responsible for bringing Current Swell into existence. Miko does the roasting and brewing of some of the more interesting cups of coffee I’ve come across, from small batch selections from Benguet, to more interesting varietals from Mindanao. Everything is done through a V60, save of course for espresso-based beverages. Each trip to Current Swell has offered me a different selection of interesting finds to try from, and it’s this constant change that keeps me coming back.


Current Swell is not all about the coffee though. The dining portion of Current Swell is handled by Claude Hizon, whose offerings have resulted in a minimalist all-day breakfast menu that consists of a traditional Monte Cristo, Spanish Eggs, and —-. Keeping the menu that way has had its benefits, since all 3 dishes are absolutely delightful, and would do well to be a great morning starter to pair with their coffee. Claude has mentioned, however, that the menu will be expanding, which I am quite looking forward to, seeing as how everything’s been quite good thus far.

Micro-roasting is starting to gain traction locally, and with places like Current Swell in the mix, it’s a step towards better Philippine coffee.

Current Swell Coffee Brewery

Pioneer St. Market

Pioneer corner Reliance St., Mandaluyong City


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