Black Friday Coffee Deals for 2018!

Black Friday is upon us, and with all the craze that online shopping has brought upon us, it’s no surprise that we’ve got some special deals on coffee and coffee gear as well. We’ve picked out some great deals for you to check out from today till the end of the weekend on some awesome coffee deals!

  1. Yardstick


Yardstick was probably the first specialty coffee shop to offer their beans and coffee gear online via their own shop, and for Black Friday, they’ve got some crazy good deals that can’t be missed. For starters, here’s a breakdown of their deals that are running till November 23 (credits go to the Yardstick online store):

10% Off

15% Off

25% Off

30% Off

They’ll also be releasing special deals on both La Marzocco and Rocket machines from the 23rd till the 25th! Deals go live on the 23rd at 12NN.

2. Ella and the Blackbird

manual 1

While not necessarily a Black Friday deal, the Katipunan-based staple has a special deal on the Manual Coffeemaker No.2 that can’t be missed. From the original price of P5,500, it’s now available for an insanely low price of P3,950. To put that into perspective, ordering the set from the US costs $120, or almost twice the price that you could get it now!

manual 2

(From Caffeination’s First Episode here.)

Order Now at:

3. The Vault PH


The Vault PH is running a sitewide sale on their coffee and coffee gear over at

Get 10% off at checkout using the code “BLACKFRIDAYDEAL2018”. One of the better deals is for the Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Grinders which, at the original price of P12,500, was already a good deal, but with the additional 10%, it means that getting it at The Vault would probably the best place to get it anywhere right now, Germany included.

vault 2

BONUS DEAL: Get 50% off your first bag of coffee at Trade Coffee Co.!

trade .jpg

Simply use the code “thenameisrye” on your first bag of coffee (maximum $25 bag), and get 50% off on your first order from Trade! AND, if you order between November 22 – November 27 using the code, get a chance to win a bag of Ethiopia Gesha Village from Passenger Coffee! Simply send over a screenshot of your order and you using the coupon and we’ll draw the winner on November 28 at the Caffeination IG page!

Till next time, The Name is Rye, and I’ll see you at the next brew.






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