YDG Coffee: Staying Woke

The gig economy has created a wealth of independent creators, self-starters, and micro entrepreneurs that are always on the lookout for a great place to work. While you do have the occasional Starbucks or Coffee Bean branches that litter the metro, there’s always something to be said about a place that not only covers the basics, it accentuates them as well. This is where YDG Coffee comes in.


YDG, which stands for Your Daily Grind, originally opened as a small coffee shop along Chino Roces in Makati. It moved to a much larger space along Shaw Blvd., inside the Mandala Park complex. What was once quaint and hidden is now large and out in the open, in both the literal and figurative sense. YDG is easy to catch entering the Mandalaphoto_2019-05-13_11-18-36 Park complex with its large top-to-bottom glass windows and YDG name on it. Walking by the shop, you’ll be greeted by their slogan (Stay Woke, Drink Coffee), which, if you ask me, is a pretty solid slogan to live by for a coffee head like your truly. YDG’s coffee comes care of Plain Sight Coffee Roasters, a specialty coffee roaster with a growing footprint across different cafes across the country.


Eggs and Hash Skillet

The shop seems like the perfect all-day breakfast place, with a good selection of meals to choose from, such as one of my personal favorites, the Eggs and Hash Skillet. Another favorite of mine whenever I grab a bite to eat is the mushroom omelette, which has a nice hint of truffle on it. Coffee choices are aplenty, with choices of hot and cold beverages. You can try any of their offerings on the brew bar from the folks over at Plain Sight, or have their trusty Weekender blend as an espresso, or to make a dirty horchata, which is another personal favorite of mine to order. photo_2019-05-13_11-18-39


I started off this post by talking about the gig economy and how creators need a great place to work, and YDG has been that for me. Parking is plentiful, WiFi is free, and the shop opens early and closes late. That’s quite the combo there, but you factor in that both the food and coffee are great, and the interiors are relaxing. Factoring in that this is probably the only specialty coffee shop in the Mandaluyong area, which is near to both San Juan and Pasig, and you’ve got a winning formula.


Whether you’re looking for a great café to work, grab a bite, or a bit of both, YDG’s got you covered. With its selection of different coffees and coffee-based beverages, as well as a menu that’ll get you stuffed, you’ll always be prepared for your daily grind at YDG.


YDG Coffee

Mandala Park, Shaw Blvd., Pleasant Hills

Mandaluyong City



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