The Curator: More than the Sum

Makati plays host to a good selection of specialty coffee shops. It’s probably one of the easier cities to go around (if you don’t count traffic) for a good cup of coffee, and a definite stop to visit in Makati is The Curator Coffee and Cocktails.


Yassie Lorenzo, 2018 Philippine Coffee in Good Spirits Champ

Once a pseudo speakeasy/coffee shop at the back of a wine bar, The Curator has taken over the wine bar area and has converted it into a beautifully minimalist specialty coffee shop, while retaining its speakeasy-esque back area for more space and for its bar. Speaking of its bar, it’s been voted as one of Asia’s 50 Best Bars for 4 straight years, and has been the best bar in the country for that long as well. The shop also plays host to country’s first Coffee in Good Spirits Champ, Yassie Lorenzo, and is owned in part by David Ong, a Philippine specialty coffee pioneer who co-founded EDSA BDG, and bar tender par excellence. photo_2019-05-04_16-09-42


The Shake-O-What-O

It’s always a relaxing feeling to walk into the shop, from its bright, naturally-lit interiors, the minimalist feel, and of course, the coffee selection. Apart from consistently serving beans from YKW Roasters for its espresso offerings, the shop has also been known to offer guest beans from overseas from time to time. You can walk in one day and have a geisha roasted in Taiwan, while the next week would see you be served with beans from Canada. The menu does its job of not trying to overwhelm you, with a basic offering of black, black with milk, their Brew of the Day, Cold Brew, and my personal favorite, the Shake-O-What-O, their version of the shakerato. Served in a coupe glass, the drink is, as the name suggests, a shaken mix of espresso, cold brew, milk, and coco syrup.


photo_2019-05-04_16-09-41Good coffee is only one part of the equation with The Curator, it’s baristas play a big factor with why I always end up coming back. You’re always greeted with a smile, followed by a “how are you doing?”. Baristas like Giann, Jeff, Jo, and Yassie (among others) have always made visits to the shop great and welcoming, and after observing the many visitors that come by the shop, it’s obvious that the same sentiments are shared by the other regulars.

photo_2019-05-04_16-09-38Whether it’s a cup of coffee in the daytime or a kickass cocktail at night, The Curator will always have you covered. It’s not everyday that a specialty coffee shop can stay strong for 5 years, and I’m of the belief that for so long as The Curator keeps on keeping on and more, it’ll be here for another 5 years and a lot more.


The Curator Coffee and Cocktails

134 Legaspi Street, Legazpi Village

Makati City


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